Etisalat Internet (E-Life) – Al Reef

We moved to Al Reef only a few days ago and have been in the process of moving services (TV, Internet) etc from our old place to the new one.

After reading the many blog posts complaining about waiting for weeks for Etisalat to install their internet connection, I was dreading all the hassle to come.

However, I can honestly say that I am really pleased with the service I received!

Those who know me will know that I normally spend more time cursing Etisalat than praising them, but “credit where it’s due” they really pulled it out of the bag, so I thought I would share with you all the process I followed in the hope that you experience the same 🙂

I first looked in the comms cabinet in the wall at the new al reef villa, saw the Etisalat box and wrote down all the reference numbers from the box.

I then went to the Etisalat desk in Marina mall and completed a moving form (As I already had E-life at my previous villa), entered my new address (Including the reference numbers I wrote down), handed over my emirates ID which they photo copied and waited for a few minutes.

The girl behind the counter said they needed to do a survey first and the whole process should take around 1 week.

2 days later Etisalat called around with their equipment ready to install!

They spent a few minutes installing a new box, then returned in 1 hour once the service was activated.

Everything tested out just fine and I now have E-life internet and a landline installed! Woohoo 🙂



  1. JJ Said:

    Perhaps I should mention that there is an Etisalat Office at Etihad Plaza for those Al Reef guys. If you sign up for elife you should get a bonus package for 1 year for free (all the sports channels) which is good.

    Service is good except I had one 2 day outage in 2 months (which cuts internet, TV and phone) in Al Reef.

    There is no paper billing (or not for me), you have to pay online by linking your elife (home number) to your mobile number. Then you can view bills and pay online on the etisalat website.

    • Lorena Said:

      Hello, you look like you know about all this. I was wondering if you actually get the download speed as advertised for your e-life package. I have a friend that only gets about 5% of his advertised speed and wanted to know what your experience is. We are all living in Al Reef by the way. Thanks in advance!

      • Nik Ansell Said:

        Hi Lorena,

        Personally I have a 16Mb package, sometimes it’s OK, sometimes it seems quite slow. I doubt I will ever get the full 16Mb when downloading from YouTube, but probably do when browsing some websites.

        Apologies, but I need to get a little more technical to answer your question properly…….

        The actual speed you get can depend on many things:

        – The speed of the connection from the website you are connecting to. This is sometimes based on international bandwidth not just the bandwidth to your home. For example if the website is in the USA , the speed will depend on the internet link from the USA to the UAE

        – What you are doing (Hotmail, Downloading movies from Torrents, watching movies on YouTube etc). Internet Service Providers “prioritize” web traffic based on what it is, for example YouTube takes up much more bandwitdh than hotmail, so at busy times Etisalat will slow down YouTube to save the bandwidth for people doing normal web browsing

        – The time of day. The internet will appear slower at a busy time when more people are using it, for example in the early evening

        – Your home network. Sometimes if you are using wireless and the wireless signal to the wireless router is poor, this will make the internet appear slow

        – The location in Abu Dhabi. Etisalat need to run cables to locations in Abu Dhabi to give the users internet and TV. They have to guess how many people in that particular area will subscribe to their services over what time period, then run some cables to that region in line with the number of people they guess will subscribe. They can sometimes get this guess work wrong and have too few cables to a region, this will mean that particular location is always slower then other parts of Abu Dhabi. I would imaging that as Al Reef is only around 30-40% developed this will not be a problem for a while, but could be a problem in the future if Etisalat get it wrong in the future….

        So it’s hard to say exactly what experience you will have.
        I guess your question could be interpreted a slightly different way, “Do I get a better service if I purchase a more expensive package from Etisalat” E.G: will a 16Mb package be much better than a 2mb package?
        The simple answer is “Yes” the more expensive package will be better most of the time, but not all the time, depending on what you are doing.

        Hope this answers your question!

        Other readers….please feel free to share your Al Reef E-Life experience on this blog, so others can benefit thanks.

        Kind Regards,

  2. Germe Said:

    It seems that you are lucky. My friend was waiting 13 month to install elife. He never got and now he is back in the home country and I am waiting already 6 weeks and had several calls and emails ensuring me that I am on high priority. I am getting a lot of SMS saying the technicans will show up on this or that day but only 1 really came and he could not do anything and called another technican.

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