UAE Speeding Fines

OK here’s the deal, if you drive in the UAE you are eventually going to get either a speeding fine, or a Salik fine, or some other type of traffic fine.

When you get a fine, if you are very lucky you may receive a text message, but in the majority of times the only way you are going to find out about a fine is to check the Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Sharjah etc police sites.

To search for fines on the police websites, you need a load of info that is very difficult to remember and it’s a real pain.

Enter …….

Register on the site for free and you never have to worry about any of the above again. You will receive an email whenever you get a fine and can pay all your fines from one link on the site by just entering your username and password.

Your UAE driving life has just got a whole lot better šŸ™‚


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