Getting Medical Checks Done

Well, after a few nightmarish comments including “There were hundreds of people queueing right round the outside of the building” and “Take a good book with you when you go, cos you’ll need it” I have returned back from the medical centre after a Ferrari style check up!

In Abu Dhabi you need to have a medical card before you can recieve any treatment anywhere, luckily I had the help of people at work to apply for my medical card and make and appointment for me, all I had to do was simply turn up at the medical centre, pay AED250 and wander around a medical centre following signs…

As soon as I arrived and handed over my passport copy and employment visa copy,I waited 2 minutes to have my picture taken and pay my money, 0 minutes for my “interview”, which consisted of someone looking at my passport and stamping a card, 5 minutes for a blood test and 0 minutes for a chest x-ray!

Booking a prior appointment and the time of day must have made a difference, so if you have to go, make sure you book and appointment and go late in the day, my appointment was at 4pm and most of the medical staff were stood around chatting with no work to do by 4:30 🙂

The next stage is to call back to the same place after 3pm tomorrow and pick up my results…….


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